The Benefits of The Eraser System

The ERASER™ System is a new and unique approach to tattoo removal. It has been described as “un-tattooing.” The fundamental principles behind the ERASER™ System are dislodgement of the tattoo ink particles from their biological anchors, mobilization and for the first time, extraction of the ink particles. The projected result is effective (a tattoo that is rendered visibly imperceptible) removal that can be performed in a single treatment session at a low cost. It also avoids the possible late adverse effects from having tattoo ink particles gain access to the body’s lymphatic system and beyond.

The Downsides of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the use of resonant frequency to free trapped tattoo ink particles from their cellular captors in the skin. Dermatologists (mainly) can use a plethora of lasers to match the frequency according to the size, composition, color and depth of the particles. No one single laser can treat all of the colors used in modern tattooing. The dislodged particles are absorbed and carried away by the body’s lymphatic system. Laser tattoo removal, however, is an inexact process. The matching of laser frequencies while complicated in single color tattoos is significantly more challenging in complex, three-dimensional, multi-color tattoos (Pictures and Diagram 4 below). Other issues of laser tattoo removal include pain and substantial heating of the skin. It also requires many time consuming, costly treatments for “effective” removal, which limits access to it. Despite this, laser tattoo removal is rarely completely effective and leaves residual shadow tattoos, depigmentation, and scarring. Finally, as previously stated, absorption of additional tattoo ink particles is considered to be potentially harmful.

Features The ERASERTM Laser Removal
Performance Single treatment Multiple treatments
Results No discernible image Tattoo shadow
Colors Treats all colors Match frequency – multiple lasers
Precision Fine, can alter existing tattoo Coarse, limited control
Treatment Pain-free, modest aftercare Painful, bandaged skin, requires topical treatment
Side effects Mild bruising Burning, scarring, depigmentation and hair loss
Long-term health considerations Extraction eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals and altered materials Absorption exposes the body to possible health risks including cancer, neurological diseases
Technical level Technician Physician
Price High ROI Low ROI